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Missing teeth is a problem faced by many people and when tooth loss occurs, it’s likely at ECO Dental we to talk to you about ways to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

When you lose teeth, even a single tooth, then it does affect your remaining natural teeth, increasing the chance that they will drift towards the empty space, affecting your bite and the stability of teeth that have moved position.

Replacing these missing teeth in any way will stop this from happening. While there are several options open to you that include full or partial dentures and dental bridges, dental implant post is largely regarded as being the gold standard and is certainly one of the most popular solutions.

Benefits of Implants over Dentures

Although your priority is to probably replace your teeth in the most cosmetically appealing way you can, you are probably also concerned about the cost and the overall treatment times.

For this reason dentures and bridges may seem a tempting solution, but they will do nothing to help your overall dental health. This is the great thing about dental implant post and this is the only solution for tooth loss that will have this effect and they can look amazingly natural.

How Implants Positively Impact Your Dental Health

The reason they are able to positively impact your dental health lies in the way they are constructed as a dental implant post is designed to closely replicate a natural tooth root.

This helps to ensure the replacement tooth is held firmly in position and equally as importantly will ensure that the bone surrounding the dental implant remain strong and healthy, just as it would if your natural tooth root was still in place.

With dental bridges and dentures, this doesn’t happen and overtime the bone that used to surround your natural tooth root will gradually be reabsorbed, creating substantial changes to the overall shape of your jawbone which can affect the dimensions of your face and the stability of any remaining teeth.

Bone loss is prevented with dental implants and this is probably one of the most important reasons why you should consider this solution for tooth loss.

How Dental Implant Post Can Save Your Smile

With dental implants, our dentists here at ECO Dental can beautifully restore your smile using the very latest materials combined with excellent design.

The final result should look naturally beautiful, making any concerns about tooth loss affecting your appearance a thing of the past. We take enormous care when planning and designing dental implant treatment to ensure the complete process is as smooth and comfortable as possible for you.

We can also provide temporary teeth for you to wear until your dental implant post is completed so there will be no need for you to go without your smile.

It is true that dental implant treatment is a little bit more expensive than the alternatives but in the longer term it could save you money and you will have all the benefits of having chosen the most advanced treatment available today to replace your missing teeth.